A Comprehensive List of 9 Best CRM Companies in the USA!

A Comprehensive List of 9 Best CRM Companies in the USA!

CRM companies in America offer great solutions to other companies. Some of their clients are known to feature in the Fortune 500 list too. This gives you the idea that if you work with and excellent CRM company then even you can avail of amazing benefits. Let’s make it clear that all the CRM companies in the United States are not homegrown. Some of them are foreign entities that grew their business and made a remarkable presence in the country. Here, we will give you the list of best CRM companies in the USA.


Here are the Best CRM Companies in the USA in 2023!

#1: Freshsales

Freshsales has designed a CRM tool for the current generations’ sales teams and is one of the best CRM companies in the USA. It helps them track contacts while they are solving the queries. The company offers a single contact management hub that helps them control multiple leads while they navigate through the interface.

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The company was finding it difficult to handle the multiple aspects of the sales process, that’s why it came up with this CRM software. It eliminates the need for users to look around for various programs to get each task done.

The main priority of the Freshsales team is to pack powerful features yet provide an easy program. Freshsales works as a dynamic analytic contributor to give you valuable sales insights. The major benefits are Event tracking, email tracking, direct calls, sales management, and event management.


#2: HubSpot

HubSpot is a popular company in the USA with a leading application named HubSpot CRM. One of the main reasons why HubSpot CRM is popular is that it is free. The tool is flexible and you can use it immediately after installation. Both beginners and mid-market companies love availing the services of HubSpot.

In fact, the tool has certification and suits all niches and industries. HubSpot is one of the best CRM platforms in the market. If you go and check other free solutions you won’t find this level of integration in them. If you are into marketing then HubSpot marketing is an apt choice for you. It is an advanced system that combines the benefits of CRM and marketing.


#3: Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another addition to the CRM software companies. In the year 2010, the company went on to build a CRM tool that helps users in visualizing their sales processes. With complete knowledge of sales, they already knew that you cannot control the results of sales but you can definitely control your actions. You can focus on the deals you are planning to prioritize and get amazing results.

You can integrate its CRM tools with Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and other applications. Its universally applicable system has been the main reason for its better reach. The company has been continuously working to reach greater geographies. Thus, it is available in 13 languages.


#4: vCita

vCita has designed its CRM tool to work for service industries, accountants, consultants, educators, and more. It helps them with both organizing the processes and marketing. In the year 2010, the company began operating as an online scheduling platform. The team works in Seattle, Washington.

Its expansive capabilities are one of the reasons people consider it a handy solution. Its self-service portal allows your clients to book the services on their own. They offer an online hub that is centralized to store and manage your leads.


#5: NetSuite

NetSuite offers a robust customer relationship management solution in the form of its product that is NetSuite CRM. It provides customers a 360-degree view of companies of all sizes. Throughout the customer lifecycle, the users get to enjoy a continuous stream of information. With Netsuite’s CRM software, the companies are able to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The company stands out as it offers much more than traditional features that most CRM tools offer. Oracle’s people started it and one of them was Oracle CEO, Larry Ellison. With an initial backing of around $125 million, it began its journey. It has modules that handle opportunities, email marketing, campaigns, and more.


#6: Zengine by Wizehive

Michael Levinson and Mike Carson founded this organization in the year 2008. In fact, Michael Levinson is still serving as the chairman of the organization. It is known for its highly-specialized product that aims at mission-based organizations. In 2012, the company received seed funding of $2.4 million. Zengine by Wizehive’s main headquarters of the company is in Philadelphia.

The CRM tool helps mission-based organizations like research institutions and schools. The CRM framework has everything in it to manage just like businesses do.


#7: Avochato

Alex De Simone founded Avochato in 2016. This entrepreneur has a background in mechanical engineering that led to its success. This company allows its businesses to communicate with the customers in the medium they prefer. Most of the businesses use email for communication and that’s what it supports. The company has raised about $6 million with just two rounds of funding.

Its CRM tool is really great and specializes in working with multiple companies. Core Avochato offers SMS broadcasting, unique local phone number, and text supporting landlines. The headquarter of the company is in San Francisco.


#8: PipelinerSales

PipelinerSales is the company whose product is Pipeliner. The company has its headquarters in Palisades, Los Angeles. It has a simple non-technical interface that is very friendly for the salespeople. Nikolaus Kimla founded this company in 2007. If you don’t know then the same entrepreneur launched uptime ITechnologies. His theory that salespeople are internal entrepreneurs has worked for him.

The core product includes Offline CRM modules, performance management, and leads management too. Pipeliner’s CRM tool has integrations with popular business software. This works in providing a seamless experience to the user.


#9: Engagebay

Engagebay Inc. is a successful CRM company. It is renowned for its powerful solution that is EngageBay Software. It wraps sales and marketing automation features into one digital marketing suite. If you are looking for software that is robust and helps teams connect and resolve issues then this one is best for you.

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The company has been offering an affordable substitute to the high-end platforms. Its young team of dynamic marketers is working to develop a more productive tool. There are more than 5000 clients that are happy with its CRM tools.


Final Words

The CRM companies are growing faster day by day. They are working hard to maintain the top positions that in a way helps the clients in getting better results. We have researched and found the best CRM companies in the USA just for you. This will help you grow your business by working with the best company. Let us know about your thoughts on these CRM companies through the comments section.