Cruise Insurance & Fee Waiver Programs!

Cruise Insurance & Fee Waiver Programs!

A vacation on a cruise is expensive for many. But you never know what’s waiting for you on the trip. Getting delayed somewhere or mishappening can lead to problems like arriving late at the cruise departure port. In fact, you may miss your cruise and lose all the money spent on booking trips. Cruise insurance is an excellent way of handling the charges that may arise all of a sudden. Travelers feel more protected from the possible losses in finance.


What Is The Coverage Of A Cruise Insurance?

A cruise vacation is not just about boarding cruise and coming back. You are going to visit places, board flights, stay in a hotel, and much more. Things may go wrong just after your final deposit and without cruise insurance, you would lose that payment.

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The policies vary in their coverage so it is important to review the terms and conditions beforehand. In most of them, you will get compensation for reasons that come under the policy. Suppose you are leaving for the initial embarkation of a cruise. Now, due to a flight delay or an unwanted event you are unable to board the cruise. So the travel insurance will pay for the cost of getting to the next port of call. That’s how the cruise insurance coverage helps you out in emergency situations.

Other problems could be loss of checked baggage, theft during travel, cancellation of sailing. If the cancellation is by the cruise they will certainly pay out a refund. The other prepaid expenses that you didn’t purchase through the cruise line would be a problem. For example, flights and hotel nights. It is important to be aware of the coverage that your plan offers. You must plan your trip keeping in mind all the factors.


Regular Health Insurance Plan Vs Cruise Insurance Medical Coverage

Your health insurance policy, will mostly not cover you for any mishappening that occurs on the cruise. By cruise, we mean the whole travel journey on the cruise. And in case, the insurance policy does cover those expenses, then they are considered out-of-network costs. It means you have to pay an extra amount for these coverages. Your cruise insurance policy can cover health along with travel benefits by payment of higher premiums.

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Cruise ships must have a hospital facility and doctor on-board for unwanted situations. However, these are mainly designed to sustain the condition of patients. They have to handle the situation until the cruise comes to the closest port with the proper facility. If an emergency situation arises, a person may need medical evacuation too. It could be through boat transport or helicopter. Without cruise insurance, it is difficult to handle such costs.


Cruise Insurance That A Cruise Line Offers

You will get an all-inclusive travel insurance policy that any cruise line offers. Insurance companies underwrite these policies. Multiple companies even offer another sort of cruise insurance policy which is actually a waiver. These cruise lines provide it on their own and it even covers the cancellation of the trip.

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And if you cancel the trip, then the waiver makes sure you get a refund. It could be the whole amount or even higher percentage of the amount you pay to the cruise line. Some waivers also guarantee full compensation too. All this depends on the setlist of reasons that you sign up in the policy. Also, there are a few others that let a traveler cancel his/her trip for whatever reason they might seem fit.



Let’s take an example of the carnival cruise line. It offers the cruise-goers both waiver and a comprehensive insurance policy. The cancellation waiver of the company doesn’t take time to come into effect. For the qualified reasons, the policyholders will get a 100% refund of their trip’s cost. If the reason doesn’t come under the list then also they can cancel the trip. They get 75% back when they book the future trips from their cruise. Without this coverage, the cancellation won’t be easy for you. Carnival will impose a penalty on you if you cancel the trip after doing the final payment.

Here, you can check out the list of the famous cruise with their insurance and waiver programs.

Disney Cruise LineDisney Cruise Line Vacation Protection PlanNot Available
Oceania Cruises
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Cruise Line BookSafe Travel Protection PlanNot Available
Regent Seven Seas CruisesGuest Travel Protection ProgramNot Available
Royal CaribbeanRoyal Caribbean Travel Protection ProgramCancellation Penalty Waiver Program

Traditional insurance companies underwrite most of the cruise insurance policies. Transamerica is responsible for underwriting policies for Carnival. For a cruiser, this doesn’t matter. They only have an interest in knowing about coverage & policy terms and conditions. If you do not find the policy adequate then you can buy cruise insurance yourself too.


Final Words

We find cruise insurance important and you should definitely consider buying one. In fact, 70% of the United States travelers who go on a trip on cruise purchase cruise insurance too. The US Travel Insurance Association gave these estimates. The most common form of benefit that travelers look for is the trip cancellation one. In most cases, it reimburses the policyholders for non-refundable costs.

The hotels require a frequent deposit when you book a room. They don’t charge the full amount unless the check-in time. Cruises on the other hand require full payment weeks before the ship leaves the port. So the cruise insurance becomes a necessity. No one can afford such a huge amount of loss. That’s why such facilities have come into the picture. We hope cruise insurance and fee waiver programs give you apt information. In case, you want to ask a question on this topic and then you can make use of the comment section. We will answer your queries as soon as possible.