Does Travel Insurance Covers Medical Expenses?

Does Travel Insurance Covers Medical Expenses?

People go on vacation to relax their minds. They want some personal time out of their hectic schedule. Everyone who likes to travel doesn’t bother if they get cuts and bruises, or if there is a headache after sightseeing for a whole day. It gets better within a few hours. But if something is serious then the whole travel plan disrupts. Medical expenses are costly and if you are traveling abroad then it will become more problematic. Travel insurance comes to your rescue in these situations as travel insurance covers medical expenses.

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In this article, we are going to inform you how the travel insurance works and what are the facilities you can get if you have travel insurance?


Type of Medical Expenses the Policy Covers

Nowadays people prefer booking through a travel agency. Travel agencies offer you travel insurance policy as an option. A standard Travel Insurance Policy covers a lot of areas. Like the loss of luggage, rental car insurance, trip cancellation or interruption insurance, and medical insurance. The medical insurance policy provides you treatment and hospital facilities if you fell sick while you are on tour. Let us see what kind of medical facilities a standard travel insurance policy provides.


#1. Medical Assistance Abroad

If you are going on an international tour you should have travel insurance with you. While you are abroad you don’t know the place, the people, and perhaps you don’t know the language properly. So if you seriously injure yourself or you fell sick it will be a very big problem. It will be almost impossible for you to locate the hospitals, clinics on your own. But if you have travel insurance with you, it will be much simpler for you.

If you need medical assistance give a call to the travel insurance company. They will take care of the rest. They will help you to locate the nearby hospitals and pay for all your medical expenses. International Travel insurance policies help you by paying for your medical bills and surgeries. Without it, you will end up spending thousands of dollars.


#2. In Case of Hospitalization

Another medical expense travel insurance covers is hospitalization. While traveling in case you suffer severe injury travel insurance policy covers the hospital expenses. It helps you in locating the nearby hospitals and doctor’s so that you get the medical assistance as soon as you can. It even pays for the surgeries if you need it. This comes as a standard option in a travel insurance policy. There is no need to pay higher to get this facility.


#3. Emergency Evacuation

If you love adventure and go to mountain trips often then travel insurance is a must for you. There is always a risk involved in these types of tours. Wild animals can attack you in the jungle or you can have a very bad fall. In those remote areas, it will be next to impossible to find a doctor’s clinic nearby. You have to be evacuated by air ambulance. It is very costly. You may end up losing all your savings.

But if you have travel insurance you can relax. The travel insurance will take care of all the expenses. It will cover the air evacuation costs and it will also pay for the treatment that you may need.


#4. Travel & Accommodation

Apart from the medical and surgical expenses the travel insurance also covers the costs of travel and accommodation that you need if you fell sick or get an injury. The travel insurance covers the cost of traveling of a loved one who will accompany you back home if you are traveling abroad. It pays for their flight tickets, hotels, food, and other necessary expenses.


Medical Expenses the Policy Doesn’t Cover

The Travel insurance policy covers only the necessary things. It doesn’t cover the expenses that are not necessary. Like

  1. If you deliberately harm yourself
  2. If you attempt suicide
  3. It doesn’t cover for private hospitals unless necessary
  4. Doesn’t pay for the surgeries which are not necessary

So read the policy before buying it. Check what facilities the policy is offering you. Every travel insurance covers medical expenses but still read your policy properly.


Things to Do If You Get Sick or Hurt

Travel insurance companies have a 24/7 emergency helpline number. Give a call to that number if you get a serious injury or feel sick. The helpline number is there to assist at any time.

Most of the hospitals will inform the insurance company if you are not able to contact them. The insurance company helps you in

  1. Paying the bills
  2. Guides you
  3. Informs your family
  4. Translates if you don’t know the local language

You should call on the number if there is any medical emergency. Otherwise don’t call.


Does it cover Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

If you have pre-existing medical conditions you should inform the travel insurance company about it. The company will ask you to fill up a form online. In the form, they will ask you about your medical history and condition. If they find it satisfactory they will allow you to take the travel insurance. Otherwise, they will tell you that they cannot cover you. So you have to inform the insurance company first.


How to Make a Claim

Travel Insurance covers medical expenses but you must know how to make a claim. To make a claim for the expenses all you have to do is to call on the emergency number. You will have to download a copy of the claim form from the website and fill up all the necessary information. Submitting all the necessary documents you can make the claim.

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If you have already paid for the expenses and now want reimbursement you have to submit the receipts, bills with the form. After you submit the necessary documents the insurance company accepts the claim. And the process of reimbursement starts.


Final Words

There are different types of travel insurance companies with different travel insurance plans. So shop around and select the travel insurance plans which suits you better. Ask the agent the type of medical facilities they will provide if you get sick or hurt. Clear all your doubts before signing any documents. Travel insurance costs little but it is very helpful. Usually, it is 5-10% of the total travel cost. So buy travel insurance before you start your journey. If you like this article on does travel insurance covers medical expenses, share it. For further information comment in our comment box below.