Is Buying Travel Insurance a Good idea?

Is Buying Travel Insurance a Good idea

When you are traveling somewhere you don’t want to get in trouble. You just want to enjoy and relax if it is a holiday. But if you are going on a business trip your priority is to finish your job and return safely. To help you in your travel without any disruption travel insurance plays an important part. No one can predict the future. So just don’t always try your luck. It will put you and your family at risk. Buying travel insurance is a good idea.

If there is any accident or loss of luggage then the appropriate coverage will help you to come out of the situation without losing much. It is a type of insurance policy that gives you coverage while you are on a trip.


Why is Travel Insurance a good idea?

If you are going on an international tour and you face difficulty there is no one to help you. You have to manage everything on your own. Without proper help or guidance, you will end up losing a lot of money. But if you have proper coverage your job is going to be easier. In this article, we are going to let you know the type of help you can get if you purchase a travel insurance policy.


Type of coverage a Travel Insurance provides:

If you purchase travel insurance policy before your trip it will provide you coverage and help you to come out of difficult situations. Now let us see what kind of situation you may face and how the a policy is going to provide you coverage.

Travel Insurance will cover you:

#1. Accidents resulting in grievous injuries or even death

Accidents can happen to anyone at any point in time. So it is better to have coverage for that. Travel insurance provides coverage from accident-related injuries or even deaths. If someone dies during a road accident while he was on a tour. Then, if he had travel insurance his family will receive a lump sum of money from the insurance company.

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If you face injuries then it will help you to find nearby hospitals and doctors. It will pay your medical expenses and even pay for the surgeries.

The transportation costs and to bring you back to your home after the treatment also comes under the travel insurance policy. In this type of situation if you have travel insurance it helps you a lot.


#2. Emergency Evacuation Situation

If you love adventure and you go on a mountain tour. Then travel insurance is a good idea. You don’t know what challenges you may have to face during your tour. There are chances of danger at every point in time. Wild animals can attack you in the forest. You can have a very bad fall.

In those remote places, it is not easy to get medical help. For this, you may need helicopter assistance. If you have travel insurance it will cover you in those tricky situations. But if don’t have it you may end up spending all your savings.

Emergency evacuation situations can arise if you are on a business trip and there is a terrorist attack. So always prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario.


3. If rental car faces an accident or someone steals it

Generally, when you are on a family tour you rent a car for comfort. If you involve yourself in a road accident and end up injuring someone it will cause you a lot of trouble. There are two kinds of rental car insurance. They are primary and secondary rental car insurance. In primary insurance, your travel insurance is going to take care of the situation. You don’t have to claim it from your auto insurance. But in the case of secondary insurance, you have to claim from both travel insurance and auto insurance.

The same case is with the stolen car situation. If someone steals your rental car your then it will cover the loss. So if you rent cars while you travel you should consider buying travel insurance.


4. Loss of luggage or delay in receiving

Another reason why travel insurance is a good idea is that baggage misplacement is very common. So while you are traveling and you lose your luggage it will be a nightmare. Travel insurance comes into rescue in these situations. It reimburses you for your lost luggage up to a certain amount.

If there is a delay in receiving your luggage travel insurance helps you in this case too. It pays for the clothes, toiletries you may need until you receive your luggage. Thus it saves you from the extra expenses that you have to do because of the delay.


5. Travel delay or interruption

Delay in flights, trains can happen. But it will disrupt your tour. You will end up spending money on food and lodging. Travel insurance pays for this extra spending you have to do. If there is a delay in flight or if there is a cancellation in flight the travel insurance company ensures that you face no problem during waiting for the next flight.


6. If you have to Postpone

Usually, we buy flight tickets and book our hotels before we start our journey. But just before journey if you or someone from your family falls sick. And you cannot avoid this emergency.

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You have to postpone or even cancel your trip. But then you will lose all your ticket and hotel fare. But if you are going via a travel agency and you have travel insurance they will reimburse your money if you cannot go on the tour. So travel insurance is a must in this case. It will help you to save a lot of money.


Final words

These are the six important points to why travel insurance is a good idea before you go on a tour. Travel insurance helps you to come out of the situations without losing much. The cost of travel insurance is usually 5 to 10% of the total tour budget. It depends on what type of facilities you are willing to purchase. You can purchase all the facilities discussed earlier or you can purchase what you think is necessary for you.

There are a lot of tours and travel companies that offer travel insurance with their package. So shop around and buy the policy which suits you. Don’t buy cheap insurance policies. Try to buy policies from well-known companies. You can also consult an insurance advisor. If you like this article share it with your friends. If you want to know more comment in our comment box below.