11 Things to Do Before Your Kids Grow Up

11 Things to Do Before Your Kids Grow Up

You might often find everyone telling you that your kids will grow up in no time and that you need to cherish their childhood. But, not many of these well-wishers actually suggest things that would help in nurturing your child’s golden times while creating a lifetime of memories. This post will enlighten you on 11 things that you can do with your children before they grow up.

So, without further ado, let’s quickly walk you through this list of the many fun and amazing things that you can do with your kids.


1. Travel with your kids 

Travel has an educational and healing power. Moreover, travelling can be a fun and a learning experience for your children. In fact, a recent study shows that kids who travel do better in school. 

You can tell your child to do some groundwork regarding the various sites that they can visit at the place. Also, enlighten them about the significance and history of the place. However, do not make it look like an excursion tour and have fun while travelling.

 The lessons that your child learns in manners, culture, languages and most significantly about common sense are measurable and real. So, folks, make room for a travel budget and visit different places as often as you can with your kids to create and cherish life-long memories.


2. Take a recap of your child’s day

As a parent, you should be aware of what is happening in your child’s life on a day-to-day basis. So, you can snuggle in bed alongside your child and indulge in some fun banter about your kid’s day at school, their friends and other activities. This way you will not only be abreast with what is happening in your child’s life but also spend some quality time with your child. Moreover, your kids instinctively know to confide in you about any major happenings in their lives.


3. Be a kid again

Kids, especially younger ones tend to get messy. Your natural reaction would be to nag them to clean up the stuff. But, once in a while roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty while joining your kids in the slimy, sticky fun. Work together and encourage your child to carve out a pizza out of the variedly hued play dough or play around with their Lego set to make interesting things. This way, you will not only help bolster your child’s creative talents but also bond with them on a whole new level.


4. Teach yoga to your child

If you regularly practice yoga, then pass on your yoga skills to your children. However, it would benefit everyone if you join a yoga ttc in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is considered the ‘yoga capital of the world and is home to some of the best yoga schools. You can enrol in such schools for a holistic yoga teacher training program and gain deeper knowledge and insights into yoga. You will be now better equipped to introduce your child to the profound world of yoga.

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 Incorporating a yoga routine in your child’s routine will not only help maintain sound health but also teach them discipline and good habits. 


5. Write handwritten notes

In this day and age, when one can easily do away with jotting down things with a pen and paper, handwritten notes will hold a special place in your child’s life. So, don’t forget to stick that special handwritten note on the fridge door that your child can read while you are away at work. You can also write a joke and put it into your kid’s lunchbox. Such notes will serve as a reminder to your children that you love and care for them. Such little gestures would be remembered and recalled by your kids for a long time.


6. Go camping 

Camping can be a fun way to cherish your kid’s childhood. So, buy camping gear and head to a nearby camping site. Camping can also be a learning experience for your children. So, help them find a camping site having a level ground base and how to set up a camping tent. Younger kids can help with pumping up sleeping pads, filling water bottles or rolling out sleeping bags. Older kids can help with meal prep or washing dishes. 


7. Indulge and encourage your child’s fantasies

Children are into the habit of weaving fantasies. While we adults are far removed from the world of fairy tale goblins and wizards, these very tales that form the mystical world of childhood offer many advantages that kids carry into adulthood. Fantasy plays or pretends plays that may involve making imaginary friends or role-playing a teacher or a doctor helps enhance communication skills and facilitates problem-solving. Moreover, social and emotional skills are also developed by fanning such fantasies. Lastly, encouraging such fantasies can help your child find his or her mojo. So, give your child time and space to create, explore and discover things their own way.


8. Start a family ritual

We all lead busy lives. However, it won’t require much to start a family ritual where all members of your family and especially your children are involved. It can be as simple as a baking activity every weekend or working in the kitchen garden in your backyard.

However, plan something that your kids will look forward to.


9. Encourage reading

Books are a storehouse of knowledge. For children, they can be a gateway to seeing the world from a different perspective. So, from a young age, encourage your child to read age-appropriate books, especially when winding down after the last meal of the day. This activity will not only keep them away from any digital screen but also help enrich their knowledge base.


10. Plan sleepovers

Kids especially tweens love to call their friends for a sleepover. So, once in a while plan a sleepover by inviting your child’s closest pals to sleepover at your place. Buy your kid a fancy set of pyjamas and cute bunny slippers to add a little zing to the whole sleepover hoopla! However, as a word of caution, do not offer heavy foods or sugary treats to your child’s guests an hour before bedtime. Also, be nearby and available in case of any emergency situation.


11. Hug and kiss your child

Hug and kiss your child often. Now while your child would still let you, throw your child a lot of butterfly kisses and give them bear hugs and Eskimo smooches whenever you can. Such gestures remind your child that you love and care for them whilst helping them grows up into confident adults.



Closing thoughts

You can do the aforementioned activities with your kids while they are still young. Moreover, every child is special and deserves loving care. So, if you have little ones in your family, nurture and cherish them by doing things with them that they will fondly remember for the rest of their lives.