What does a Travel Insurance Policy cover?

What does a Travel Insurance Policy cover?

A type of Insurance Policy that gives you coverage when you go on a holiday or a business trip is Travel Insurance Policy. It helps to reimburse the medical expenses if you fall ill during a trip, or compensates you for the luggage loss. Travel Insurance Policy provides you an extra sense of security at the time of travel. It provides you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. So, let’s see what does travel insurance covers?


Why you need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a necessary insurance policy in this post COVID era. Many tourists ignore travel insurance policy thinking it as a waste of money. But if you buy this policy it is certainly going to help you if you are in some sort of trouble. It gives you medical assistance, pays your medical bill if you fall sick or get badly injured during a trip.

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It also helps you to recover the money from hotel and flight bookings in case you have to cancel your tour. So if you do this insurance policy it will help you to save a lot of money.


What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

In this article, we are going to discuss the types of coverage the travel insurance policy is going to provide. So let’s start. It will cover you in case there is :


1. Car accidents or stolen car

When people go on a trip with their family they rent cars or SUVs for comfort. If the vehicle indulges in a road accident then they are in a lot of trouble. They have to pay for the damages. And if someone gets injured in the incident then they have to pay for his medical bills too. It’s is a very problematic situation. Travel insurance comes into rescue then.

There are two types of car rental insurance in travel insurance. they are primary and secondary car rental insurance. In primary car rental insurance if you are involved in an accident it won’t affect your personal auto insurance policy. You don’t have to file a claim form your auto policy as the travel insurance policy is going to take care of it. In secondary car rental insurance, you have to claim from both the travel insurance and your personal auto insurance.

Another incident can happen. Somebody can steal your rented car. In this case, if you have travel insurance then it will cover your expenses. If not then you will end up losing a lot of money.


2. Loss of luggage or delay

This is another point to what does travel insurance cover. When you are traveling there is a possibility of a loss of luggage. Or your luggage can get misplaced. In this case, you have to wait for the arrival of your luggage. Travel insurance protects your luggage related issues through baggage delay insurance or loss of luggage insurance.

This type of insurance reimburses you if you lose your luggage. It covers up to a certain amount. And if there is a delay in receiving the luggage for a certain period it pays you for the essentials you have to buy like clothes, toiletries, etc.


3. If your trip gets delayed

Before traveling everyone books their tickets, hotels for convenience. But if due to some reason there is a delay in your trip you have to stay in a hotel for some time. There is an extra expense. You have to pay for your food, hotels, etc. These are the extra expenses which you haven’t planned earlier.

So if you already have a travel insurance plan it will cover your extra expenses. It will pay for your hotel costs, food. You have to file a claim for it. It will reimburse the money that you have spent during your stay.


4. Interruption and cancellation of a trip

One more answer to what does travel insurance cover is the return of flight and hotel booking fare. Before your trip, there can be medical emergencies in your home, or there can be a meeting which you cannot miss, or you can get sick. Due to these, you have to postpone or even cancel your trip. As you have already paid for the tickets and hotel rooms you will lose a lot of money.

So if you have travel insurance it will cover you. The trip interruption or cancellation insurance is going to take care of your loss and will reimburse the money that you have spent on tickets and hotels. But if you have not applied for travel insurance you will lose a lot of money.


5. Accidental injuries or even deaths

One of the most exexpected situations is accidents. But if it happens during your travel it can create a lot more problems. If you or someone from your family injuries himself during a tour your travel insurance is going to take care of the medical costs. It helps you to save a lot of money.

Travel insurance helps you to find doctors and nearby hospitals to do the necessary treatments. Your medical insurance will pay your nominee in case of death. But if you have done travels insurance it will also pay irrespective of the fact that you have medical insurance or not. So it is a bonus.


6. Emergency evacuation situation

Another good point to what does travel insurance cover is an emergency evacuation. If you are going on a mountain trip with your friends there is always a risk of accidents. Wild animals can attack you in the jungle, or you can fall from a rock. Anything thing can happen in this kind of adventure trip. In these situations, you may need emergency evacuation by a helicopter to a nearby hospital or else you can die.

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If you don’t have travel insurance you will have to pay a lot of money for this. You may end up losing all your savings. So if you are going on these types of trips travel insurance is a must. The emergency evacuation insurance will help you to cope with these situations.


Final Words

So these are the six types of situations where travel insurance comes handy. It saves a lot of money and gives you mental peace. Travel insurance is just 5% of your total trip cost. If you don’t use travel insurance and if you end up in these types of situations, you will have to pay a lot of money to get out of those situations.

Ask your travel insurance company if they cover all the six criteria. There are a lot of travel insurance companies in the market. So check all of their plans and buy a policy that suits you. if you like this article share it. If you want to know more comment in our comment box below.