FastComet Review 2024: Pros and Cons

FastComet Review 2024: Pros and Cons

Today we are doing a FastComet review and discussing its pros and cons. FastComet is a not-so-popular website hosting provider. They started off by providing hosting and system administration services to only corporate clients. But four years into this practice, in 2013, they decided to start cloud services as well. With this, they opened their gates for small businesses and private clients. Today FastComet is a great shared hosting provider and much more.

Let’s start with the pros of FastComet!


What Are The Pros of FastComet?

#1: A Great Uptime

The most necessary criterion for reviewing a web host is its uptime. The site must be available when anybody wants to see it. And FastComet excels in this aspect. It provides 99.99% uptime. However, there are no big promises of excellent uptime on its website, but it seems FastComet believes in actions more than words. They outperform a lot of hosts with their staggeringly great uptime.


#2: Fast Speed (TTFB<700ms)

After uptime, let’s come to the speed. Do you know that a fast loading website is liked by search engines and visitors alike? Yes, loading speed is a known SEO signal of Google. So, definitely, you will want good TTFB and loading speed. And here also FastComet exceeds expectations.

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Some stats according to Hosting Tribunal are as follows:

Average Response Time: 0.63s (14th)

Average Load Time: 1.55s (14th)

Response Under Load: 1.25s (10th)

The best part is that the host can also handle traffic spikes very well.


#3: Fast And Friendly Customer Support

Well, if you have to express it in one word, it will be ‘stellar.’ FastComet has a live chat feature, and they answer quickly with useful and friendly answers. Not only is their live chat stellar, but they also have a very in-depth knowledge base. Just go through any of their blogs. You will appreciate the mind behind that piece of writing.

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SiteGround was the support champion until now, but FastComet has appeared a tough competition to all so-called established web hosts.


#4: Choose From 10 Server Locations

FastComet has ten different server locations to ensure that your site will run fast irrespective of your location. The ten server locations are:

  1. Chicago (US)
  2. Dallas (US)
  3. Newark (US)
  4. London (UK)
  5. Frankfurt (DE)
  6. Amsterdam (NL)
  7. Tokyo (JP)
  8. Singapore (SG)
  9. Toronto (US)
  10. Mumbai (IN)

They ask you your preferred server location at the time of billing.


#5: Dedicated Plan Resources

One of the unique features of FastComet is that it has dedicated server resources for even its shared plan. For example, it gives 2042 MB to 30720 MB bandwidth per month and not more than that. Similarly, it has caps on all the resources.

This dedicated resource strategy is very beneficial in terms of security, as well. On other hosts, websites on shared hosting plans suffer if one site takes up too many resources. Dedicated resources sort out this issue.


#6: Regular Backups

Regular backups are as big a necessity as uptime and speed. Mostly we do not give the due importance to backups as a feature of web hosts. But they should not be neglected; after all, the world is using and seeing your content.

FastComet creates automatic backups, and you can easily access them from cPanel. The two lower plans of FastComet take backups of the last seven days. At the same time, the biggest plan takes backups of the previous 30 days.


#7: Free Of Cost Site-Migration If You Are A First-Timer

Suppose you are using FastComet’s services for the first time and want to migrate your site from some other host. Then the FastComet’s technicians will do that for you free of cost. You do not need to get into the hassles of site migration.


#8: Robust Security

FastComet understands that security of your digital property is essential. They do everything in their power to keep your data and site safe.

They have CageFS, and Cloud Linux that guarantee that malware in one of the websites does not infect other sites on the server.

Next, the Web Application Firewall (WAF) is optimized for popular CMS like Joomla, Magento, WordPress, etc.

Another technology, BitNinja, helps stop script injections, DDoS, and XSS attacks.

But if nothing works, then the live monitoring and security team of FastComet will tackle the issue. They can tackle any attack or threat in a matter of minutes.


#9: 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You get a 45-day money-back guarantee that almost no hosts except HostGator and InMotion provides. Thirty days the standard time limit is practically not enough for testing a host.

FastComet offers a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee with no cancellation fees.

Apart from this, they give free SSL, a free website builder with 350+ themes, developer tools, and much more.


What Are The Cons Of FastComet?


#1: Do Not Offer Dedicated IP Address For Shared Hosting Service

FastComet only allows a dedicated IP Address on their VPS Service and not on their shared hosting service. Also, they do not let you pay for this additional facility. You are left with no choice but to upgrade if you want to have a dedicated IP.


#2: They Offer A 7-Day Trial Only For VPS Services

A 7-day trial is too short a span to judge if a service is good or bad. Thus, if you are clear in your mind that you will need a VPS, it is OK. Otherwise, it is very hard to evaluate their service.


#3: Limited Disk Space

FastComet offers all plans with a limit on their disk space usage. However, these limits are comfortable, but a few sites may find it challenging to operate within them.


FastComet Review: Final Verdict

FastComet earns a big yes from us. They are a relatively small company with responsive support. Also, an impeccable uptime and fast speed make it undeniable.

The web host offers developer tools for the novice as well trained webmasters is another plus point.

The pricing is also competitive. Lastly, it offers all types of hosting services to ensure that you can grow with them.

So, this was all in our FastComet review. The perks of FastComet are many, but if you disagree with us, please drop your comments below. We will surely look into it.